Skyboard is the number one Entertainment
& Leisure network in France across all media

Skyboard represents the French Entertainment & Leisure market and brings together a range of portals including those dealing with online nightlife guides, concerts, theatres, shows, restaurants and bars & cafes.

Skyboard is the number one Entertainment & Leisure network in France across all media. Source Médiamétrie // NetRatings.

The target audience consists of trendsetters that go out in their communities and influence those around them.

Create memorable, targetted and innovative brands' experiences

Your brand is unique, so express your uniqueness. Discover tailor-made campaigns with our two media outfits.

Skyboard Premium Advertising invents strategies that favour memorization, the sharing and sales decisions thanks to a brand-to-brand exchange.

Skyboard RTB and Yield Management offers you perfectly calibrated campaigns to nourish your sociodemographic targets and products.

More than 400 announcers trust in our trendsetting readers.

Find out which brands are interacting with our audience of trend prescribers..

Welcome on Skyboard website, Entertainment & Leisure network.

Patrick Carrale

Skyboard is the leading communication group dealing with trendsetters and their audience. The site is aimed at advertisers and agencies with the ambition of supporting your expansion strategy.

Skyboard advocates advertisements that are appreciated by the users and which have undergone a valuable editing process within the framework of responsible communication.

Our experts will help you to only address those profiles interested in your product and brand.

See you soon,
Patrick Carrale, Associate Director, Skyboard.