Your brand is unique, so express your uniqueness. Discover tailor-made campaigns with our two media outfits.

Skyboard Premium Advertising invents strategies that favour memorization, the sharing and sales decisions thanks to a brand-to-brand exchange.

Skyboard Premium Advertising offers a multi-platform communication encompassing editing, website covering and publication on our social networks and in our newsletters.

Skyboard RTB and Yield Management offers you perfectly calibrated campaigns to nourish your sociodemographic targets and products.

Skyboard RTB and Yield Management delivers real-time campaigns, powered by proprietary data, allowing you to target profiles interested in your brands and products.


Maximum visibility to serve your ads.

Premium advertising banners

Distribute visible and attractive campaigns (standard IAB Rising Stars).


Spread your video ad campaigns within a refined editorial context.

Full screen video PREMIUM
Video footers with social sharing,
Inread at the heart of editorial context.


Generate content with the help of our copywriters and put it at the visual forefront of your strategy.

Articles, Facebook and Newsletter

Spread your message across multi-channel platforms with the trendsetter Skyboard.

RTB (Real Time Bidding) technical information and DMP (Data Management Platform)

Skyboard offers its programmatic advertising inventory on Rubicon and SmartAdserver RTB+

Skyboard proposes to target on its audience (first party data) the sociodemographic data of online users and the following criteria:

  • Drinking a glass for a Drinks brand
  • Dancing for a Fashion brand
  • Going to the museum for the Cultural sector
  • Running and Sport for your Sports brands
  • Cooking and picnics for your Food brands
  • Cinema for Majors
  • Mutual aid for Interdependent institutions
  • But also video games, concerts, restaurants, trips and shows!

Skyboard also has its own DMP to target consumers/buyers of adult beverages according to the category of beverage consumed and the purchase location. Accessible exclusively through deal ID.


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